The Hyponic Story - our start

"The Brand that all Began with a Beloved Member of Family"

HYPONIC’s start begins with HYPONIC founder, JB Kang’s American Cocker Spaniel rescue, Woongja. When JB. Kang lost his favorite sidekick, Woongja, back in 2013 and had found that ingredients in her shampoo were linked to the range of health issues and a form of skin cancer she had suffered and died from.

JB. Kang was devastated and determined. 

Determined to develop a natural care dog shampoo with the same level of standard the Korean cosmetic industry offered people.    

Fifteen years of a dog’s lifetime equals about 250 hours of shampoo usage. (That’s 250 hours of harmful, toxic baths that would clog a dog’s skin/pores over the span of a decade.)

Kang vowed that no other animal should have to endure what Woongja did. 
That vow ultimately led him to years of dedicated research. Eventually, in collaboration with some of the nation’s leading cosmetic manufacturers, 
Kang developed what is today, Korea’s #1 premium pet care brand: HYPONIC premium line of hypoallergenic, non-toxic shampoo, setting a new standard of safety and transparency in luxury pet care products.

HYPONIC comes to you from Mr. Kang’s passion and love for all four-legged companions suffering in silence. Together with the highest-quality ingredients and top of the line research, he hopes to make a difference in the lives of all furry loved ones.

Today the Hyponic brand is the leading premium pet brand in Korea and was recently dubbed top Korean brand back in 2020 by the Prestigious Brand Awards Korea.
Mr. Kang's passion and love for animals and that they shouldn't suffer in silence. He is proud to have achieved, what he set himself out to do. To a great a range of products and the brand Hyponic to be able to make a difference in the lives or our furry family members and that they shouldn't suffer.